Mary's intense suffering during the passion and death of Christ.

Ash Wednesday 6th March 2019


We enter this holy season with a question foremost in our minds: What does it mean to be a Catholic?


To be a Catholic is to grow close to Christ through prayer, spiritual reading,

and celebrating the Eucharist.


It also means to let our faith show in all we do and say.

Lent is a time to pray, fast and give alms

as a sign of our love for God.


God the Father knows our every need – we turn to the Father confident of his love and care.


We turn to the Son expectant to enter more deeply into the mystery of salvation.


We call upon the Holy Spirit to lighten our journey with wisdom, understanding and knowledge.


We embrace the path of self-denial as a sign of our desire to grow close to God

“Be careful not to parade your good deeds”


Lord Jesus, teach me that to be a Catholic is

to grow close to you and

witness to my faith in all I do and say.

Join us as we reflect on the



season of Lent


and count down to the


Joy of Easter


Remember that you are dust

and to dust you shall return


Acts of kindness spread brightness

everywhere you go. Brighten someone's day.


My grace is sufficient for you for my power

is made perfect in weakness.


A little bit of mercy makes the world 

less cold and more just.

Pope Francis


Be like the flowers and turn your face towards the sun.


There are good deeds and good intentions.

They are as far apart as heaven and hell.


God is speaking to you. Take a moment

to stop and listen. 


Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

15th September 2018


The title "Our Lady of Sorrows" focuses on Mary's intense suffering during the passion and death of Christ. "The Seven Dolors," the title by which it was celebrated in the 17th century, referred to the seven swords that pierced the Heart of Mary. The feast is like an octave for the birthday of Our Lady on September 8th.


Devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady has its roots in Sacred Scripture and in Christian piety, which always associates the Blessed Mother with her suffering Son.

This feast is dedicated to the spiritual martyrdom of Mary, Mother of God, and her compassion with the sufferings of her Divine Son, Jesus. In her suffering as co-redeemer, she reminds us of the tremendous evil of sin and shows us the way of true repentance. May the numerous tears of the Mother of God be conducive to our salvation; with which tears Thou, O God, art able to wash away the sins of the whole world.

As Mary stood at the foot of the Cross on which Jesus hung, the sword of sorrow Simeon had foretold pierced her soul. Below are the seven sorrows of Mary:

  1. The prophecy of Simeon (Luke 2:25-35)
  2. The flight into Egypt (Matthew 2:13-15)
  3. Loss of the Child Jesus for three days (Luke 2:41-50) 
  4. Mary meets Jesus on his way to Calvary (Luke 23:27-31; John 19:17)
  5. Crucifixion and Death of Jesus (John 19:25-30)
  6. The body of Jesus being taken from the Cross (Psalm 130; Luke 23:50-54; John 19:31-37)
  7. The burial of Jesus (Isaiah 53:8; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42; Mark 15:40-47)


Prayer To Our Lady of Sorrows

O God, who willed that, when your Son was lifted high on the Cross, his Mother should stand close by and share his suffering, grant that your Church, participating with the Virgin Mary in the Passion of Christ, may merit a share in his Resurrection. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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23.09 | 22:42

St.Therese is one of my favorite saints .She has sent me so many Roses and answered many of my Prayers

26.03 | 17:36

Have a Blessed Holy Week!
Holy Week is the most important week in the Church year! It is a time when we celebrate in a special way the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We remember his actions, reflect on his messages, and recommit to living as his d

01.09 | 02:56

I enjoy these prayers, and resort to them whenever I want to pray but don't know how!

15.08 | 13:01

Thank you for your valuable comments much appreciated.

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