27. Jul, 2018

Earthly temptations affect how we nurture the word of God

Your Strength For The Day Reflections


Good growing conditions produce good fruit.


But we cannot overlook another significant factor — the presence and influence of evil in our lives, both individually and collectively.


Jesus specifically cautions about the evil one who comes to steal what’s sown in the heart.


Earthly temptations and apathy certainly affect how we nurture the word of God and affect the fertility of the ground in our hearts.


In today’s world it is strikingly evident that a particularly great evil lurks in the growing hopelessness that many feel in society’s response to violence, discrimination, abuses of power and disregard for human rights and dignity.


We must recognize the stealthy role of evil in such attitudes and work to sow and cultivate God’s love.


 Many people feel secure through constant motions of devotion believing their pious gestures provide protection from harm.


When we are not in the right relationship with the Lord, no sacred space, object or action, has any real value, and we are not seeking true holiness.


In ignoring the Lord’s pleas to change our way, and if our hearts are divided, we proceed at the risk of our own loss.


Dear Lord keep me from putting my trust in deceitful words, and root out the influences that keep me from growth, secure me in your care, and keep me from stain of sin today.