7. Oct, 2017

Pray the Rosary and pray it with conviction, trusting in her promises.

Dear Friends here is a petition for your prayers I received from Robert Ritchie of America Needs Fatima I am shariing his letter with all you good friends, in the hope that the rosary will be recited daily by all who read it.
Dear Mrs. Cully,
     Now more than ever, we need the rosary.
     I mean, why else would Mary have repeated the command “Pray the Rosary” with each and every one of her appearances at Fatima?
     She promised the Rosary would bring peace to the world…
     But do we have peace?
     No, sadly, not in the world, not in our cities and towns, not even in our individual lives.
     So, we have to ask, are her promises empty?
     No, my friend, her promises are not empty – history has proven that over and over again…
     But our response to her requests at Fatima have fallen short, big time
     But it is not too late!
     In this Fatima Centennial year, let’s join together in redoubling our efforts to pray the Rosary and pray it with conviction, trusting in her promises, like the student in Bagdad….
     Let me tell you about it: 
     A 25-year-old female student was praying in the Chaldean Catholic Church in Baghdad on October 31, 2010 …
     …when Muslim terrorists attacked!
     Amid that horrific bedlam and terrible carnage, the student courageously hung on to her rosary and prayed even as the Islamic terrorist accosted her.
     By the grace of God, she was spared from death.
     Thankfully, this poor child of Mary discovered the power of the Rosary and the protection of the Mother of God.
     But what will it take for us to make that same discovery? 
     What will it take for our loved ones to reach for their rosaries and look for the peace that only God can give?
     Hopefully, not a terrorist attack.
     On this Feast of the Rosary, Dot, please take a moment to read about the Fifteen Promises of the Rosary and its power. 
     Like a true mother, Our Lady gave the solution for every crisis we may find ourselves in.
     Do you have financial troubles?
     Do your children wander from the Church?
     Does your marriage cause you more pain than joy?
     When all seems lost humanly speaking, when events in our lives take a turn for the worst, we must not give in to the temptation that her promises are empty. 
     Instead, let’s take a firmer hold on our Rosaries and unite our hearts with hers—today and every day until the triumph of her Immaculate Heart.
I remain your friend,
In Jesus and Mary, 
  Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
PS:  Click here and discover the solution to all your problems. But remember what Jesus used to say to the people He cured: “…your Faith has cured you.” So pray your Rosary with Faith and devotion and let the wonders of Holy Mary’s grace amaze you.